[Wednesday November 13, 2013] Israeli soldiers cut dozens of Palestinian olive trees close to the main road near Ya’bod village, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.The Maan News Agency has reported that the road links between Jenin and Tulkarem, and that the soldiers used chaises in cutting the trees, while dozens of soldiers and military jeeps were deployed in the area.

Residents in the area heard the chainsaws and noticed dozens of military vehicles deployed near the main road, while the army also fired flares that lit the entire area so that the soldiers can cut the trees.

Maan said that dozens of military vehicles were also deployed on the western entrance of Ya’bod, where the army installed an iron gate, a year ago, keeping the road sealed.

The army recently said it would be cutting all trees that are 20 meters close to the main road extending 3 kilometers from the Dotan military roadblock to Jericho area for what it explained as “security considerations”.