[Tuesday Evening, February 4, 2014] Israeli soldiers kidnapped five young Palestinian men in occupied East Jerusalem after harassing and assaulting them.Local sources have reported that a number of soldiers harassed several Palestinians, and assaulted some of them, before kidnapping five.

The five kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Rami Abu Sbeih, 18, Mustafa at-Tarhouny, 17, Khalil at-Tarhouny, 29, Sa’id Halaby, 22, and Wisam Halaby, 32.

The five were cuffed and blindfolded, before the soldiers took them to al-Qashla police base, in the Hebron Gate area of the Old City.

In related news, Israeli military sources have reported that an Israeli soldier was mildly wounded during clashes with Palestinian youth in the al-Far’a refugee camp, northeast of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The soldier was struck by a stone that was hurled by a protester after the army invaded the camp and harassed several Palestinians.

On Tuesday, at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded various districts in the occupied West Bank, kidnapping at least fourteen Palestinians, after breaking into their homes.

Several Palestinians have also been kidnapped during morning hours.