[Wednesday, February 4, 2014] A number of Israeli military vehicles invaded al-Far’a refugee camp, in the Tubas district, broke into and searched several homes, detained five Palestinians and kidnapped one of them. Soldiers also shot and wounded one Palestinian. Local sources have reported that dozens of Israeli military jeeps surrounded the camp, before the soldiers invaded it and violently broke into several homes.

Dozens of local youth hurled stones and empty bottles at the invading soldiers, who fired rounds of live ammunition, gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Medical sources said that resident Saed Mohammad al-Ghoul, in his twenties, was shot in the chest, and was moved to the Jenin Governmental Hospital suffering a moderate injury.

Furthermore, the soldiers threw a firebomb at a home belonging to resident Fares Thouqan, causing a fire that consumed the furniture and property.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers prevented Palestinian fire trucks from reaching the village.

The soldiers also violently searched several homes, causing property damage. The homes belong to residents Salah Oleyyan, Hassan Tayeh and Fayez Fiddy.

Later on, the soldiers detained five Palestinians in the camp, and interrogated them before releasing four of them.

Eyewitnesses said that the soldiers detained Abed Fathi Mansour, Qais Ibrahim Abu Madhi, Mohammad Kamel Abu as-Summan, and Mojahed Fares Thouqan. All, except for Thouqan, were released later on.

On Wednesday evening, several armored Israeli military jeeps invaded the town of Doura, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and kidnapped three Palestinians.

Local sources have reported that the soldiers searched several homes in the town before kidnapping three Palestinians identified as Anas Taiseer al-Awawda, 20, Yazan Kamel ash-Sharif, 18, and Ahmad Mohammad Ar-Rej’ey, 18.

On Tuesday evening, soldiers assaulted and kidnapped five young Palestinian men in occupied East Jerusalem.

The five kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Rami Abu Sbeih, 18, Mustafa at-Tarhouny, 17, Khalil at-Tarhouny, 29, Sa’id Halaby, 22, and Wisam Halaby, 32.