Clashes broke out between a number of youth and Israeli forces, Saturday afternoon, in the town of Beit Furik, east of occupied Nablus, after attempts to infiltrate the Itamar settlement, adjacent to the town.
According to Radio Bethlehem 2000, a native of the town stated that occupation patrols stormed Nasasrh lane, in the eastern area of ​​the town, during an ‘inspection raid’ of the neighborhoods and the areas surrounding a number homes and gardens, firing tear gas and rubber bullets at several youth who threw stones at soldiers.

He explained that the clashes broke out in the morning hours between youth and settlers from the nearby settlement of Itamar, after an attempt to infiltrate the settlement necessitated the intervention and storming of the town by the army.

Two weeks ago, activists stormed Beit Furik checkpoint, at the western entrance to the town, and began cutting the barbed wire surrounding the military point barrier, in an attempt to remove the iron gate from the checkpoint.