The Israeli military and a group of settlers attacked, Monday morning, Palestinian workers who were constructing agricultural roads in Burin village, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.Coordinator of Solidarity Movement for Free Palestine in Burin, Ghassan al-Najjar, reportedly said that the military and settlers of Bracha colonial settlement attacked the workers during the construction of agricultural roads near Almnatir neighborhood, in Burin, where clashes occurred in the place.

According to the Al Ray report, settlers threw stones at the workers and their bulldozer, while troops fired tear gas at youth who came to the location after the breakup of the clashes, al-Najjar stated.

He pointed out that an Israeli civil administration officer had threatened the workers to confiscate the bulldozer if they should continue constructing the roads near the settlement.

But, the workers did not respond and continued to work.

It is reported that the military and the settlers attacked the workers several times while engaged in their work.
In a related context,

Occupation forces stationed at the military checkpoint near the Shavi Shamron settlement, abducted a Palestinian from Jenin. The Identity of the man was not revealed yet.

Forces also set a military checkpoint near the Arab American University, stopped the vehicles, searched them and checked the passengers’ IDs.

In related news, Israeli forces on Monday kidnapped a Palestinian from Bethlehem, after raiding and searching his house.

Local sources in Bethlehem said, according to the PNN, that occupation forces arrested Mohammed Khalil Rzaineh, 29, the son of the martyr Khalil Rzaineh, after raiding and searching his house in Aida refugee camp.

The sources added that Israeli soldiers used police dogs during the search campaign, and destroyed a vehicle belonging to the detainee.

In Nablus, Israeli forces took Amjad Bahloul ‘to an unknown location’, after raiding his house in al-Dahiya area.

In Jenin, Israeli forces also kidnapped two Palestinians from the province.

The PNN also reports that local sources said Israeli forces arrested the liberated prisoner Zuhair Rashed al-Ahmed, 26, after raiding and searching his parents’ house.

Forces also raided the houses of Hamzeh Amour and Ameen Bushnaq, searched them and rummaged through the contents.