Israeli police issued orders to deport six Jerusalemites from the al-Aqsa Mosque and their surrounding area for a period of minimum two weeks, and up to six months, with the pretext of ‘protecting the security and law.’Israeli forces, accompanied by officials from the Israeli intelligence agency, raided the al-Hashlamoun house, and handed the family of the woman a notice to go to al-Qashla police station for interrogation and an order to deport her from the al-Aqsa mosque and its surrounding areas for three months.

The deported Paltinians were identified as: Umm Tareq al-Hashlamoun, one of the female students in the mosque, Hussam Sedr, one of the staff of the waqf, Mahmoud Abdul Latif, Mesbah Abu Sbeih, Hamzeh Rweidi and Rami al-Fakhori.

Hussam Sedr and Mahmoud Abdul Latif were deported from the mosque for six months. Sedr was arrested near Bab Hatta, while he was heading to work inside the mosque and handed a deportation notice.

The Palestinian News Network reports that Abdul Latif said, ‘My friend Rami al-Fakhouri and I were arrested Sunday, after the Dohor prayer, while we were coming out of the mosque through Bab al-Nather. We were severely beaten during the interrogation and detention in the Israeli police stations of Bab al-Silsila and Qashla.’

He added, ‘one of the policemen handed me a deportation order, and imposed a fine of 5000 NIS, but I refused to sign the order, then I was arrested and transferred to al-Maskobiya interrogation center for interrogation before I was released today.’

In a related incident, Israeli police deported Rami Saleh al-Fakhouri, 24, from the mosque for two weeks, after being detained for 24 hours in Israeli interrogation centers.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that Hamzeh al-Rweidi, 25, was arrested on Bab Hatta, after a policeman stopped him while he was getting out of the mosque.

The center added that a group of the Israeli Special Forces severely beat him with guns, and took him to al-Qashla center.