[Thursday, April 17, 2014] Palestinian detainees, held by Israeli under arbitrary Administrative Detention order, without charges or trial, said they intend to launch an open-ended hunger strike, starting next Thursday, April 24.The 186 detainees issued a statement that was published by the Palestinian Ministry of detainees on Wednesday, stating they have decided to launch the “battle of empty bowels”, to protest the illegitimate administrative detention policy practiced by Israel against them.

They said they are launching a campaign titled “Administrative Detainees, Revolution, Freedom and the Resolve of Life”.

They said this battle, the revolution of freedom, will be comprehensive, and that every administrative detainee, regardless of political affiliation and, wherever he is held, will be part of this hunger strike.

The detainees called on all legal groups, international human rights institutions and all media outlets to highlight the cause of the detainees, and to expose the ongoing Israeli violations and assaults against them.

They also called on the Palestinian people to march in every part of occupied Palestine, and participate in all events that will be held in support of the detainees and their legal cause.