Palestinian medical sources have reported, Wednesday, that the more than 212 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli army fire in ongoing clashes with Israeli soldiers, in different parts of occupied Jerusalem and nearby towns, following the abduction and murder of a Palestinian teen by Israeli settlers.The slain Palestinian, Mohammad Abu Khdeir, 16, was kidnapped by fanatic settlers in Shu’fat, on Tuesday at night, and was found murdered and burned later on.

Medical sources said that a young Palestinian, identified as Adel Nabil Joudah, was intentionally hit by a settler’s vehicle in Jaba’ village, and was moved to a local hospital.

In Anata town, at least four Palestinians were injured during clashes with Israeli soldiers invading their town.

Local sources said a number of settlers tried to infiltrate in the town, but the locals noticed them, and chased them away.

The Maan News Agency said that clashes took place in Shu’fat town, and the Shu’fat refugee camp, in addition to al-Isawiyya, Silwan, as-Suwwana and many other towns and neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem.

Close to 200 Palestinians have been injured in Shu’fat, the hometown of the slain Palestinian teen, during clashes the erupted after his abduction and murder. The clashes lasted until late night hours Wednesday.

Seven more Palestinians have been injured in Su’fat refugee camp, while the soldiers fired gas bombs at a number of homes.

Undercover forces of the Israeli military tried to infiltrate the camp, but were soon uncovered by the locals, who beat one of the undercover soldiers up, before he and the other soldiers fled the scene.

Clashes have also been reported in the al-Isawiyya town, especially at its main entrance, while several Palestinians also threw Molotov cocktails at a nearby Israeli military base.

More clashes took place in Silwan, where Palestinians closed main roads and hurled Molotov cocktails at a nearby illegitimate Israeli settlement outpost.

Similar clashes took place in as-Suwwana neighborhood, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and in Jabal al-Mokabber, in addition to Wadi al-Joz.

A number of cars belonging to Israeli settlers were hit by stones in Jabal al-Mokabber, where the police attacked Palestinians, fired gas bombs, and rubber-coated metal bullets.

The Israeli police also attacked Palestinians worshipers, following evening prayers in the al-Aqsa Mosque.