Thawra Abu Khdeir never thought that she would live to see someone from her own family, her own flesh and blood as she puts it, burned to death in a brutal and senseless act of violence. But at the ripe old age of 20, she has now seen this – and so much more that no one should have to endure. She’s a nursing student at Hebrew University, and has herself experienced harassment and even beatings for holding a silent weekly vigil at her university to bring attention to the reality of life for Palestinians under occupation. But now, she has had an experience that she says will change her life, and that of her family’s, forever.

Her young cousin was grabbed off the street on Wednesday July 2nd and shoved into the back of a car by Israeli right-wingers who had been prowling the streets looking for a victim of a ‘revenge attack’ they had planned for the deaths of three Israeli settlers. They later told police that they did not care who they took, they just wanted to find any young Palestinian and torture them to death.

Listen to the interview with Thawra Abu Khdeir about the brutal murder of her 16-year old cousin, Mohammad.

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