“With no regard to human life, Israel, the occupying Power, continues to slaughter entire families,” Palestine’s Permanent Observer to the United Nation, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, said during an open debate at the United Nations Security Council. Additionally, the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) has approved a $500,000 grant of humanitarian relief for Gaza’s victims.According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, Mansour said that “despite all regional and international efforts, hundreds more Palestinian civilians have been killed, thousands have been injured and tens of thousands have been displaced by the Israeli military aggression in Gaza.”

“Israeli bombardment – including missile airstrikes, bombs and artillery shelling by air, land and sea at densely-populated areas – has also resulted in the destruction of more than 1,000 homes and damage to more than 18,000 other homes,” he added, underscoring:

“Fear and panic have gripped the population, leading to the displacement of more than 100,000 people, who are now sheltering in UNRWA schools, already double the number of Palestinians who sought refuge in the Agency’s schools in the Israeli war on Gaza of 2008-2009.”

“With no regard to human life, Israel, the occupying Power, continues to slaughter entire families. A family of 26 people in Khan Younis, Al-Jami’ family; a family of 8 people in northern Gaza; Abu Jarad family; a family of 10 people in Shujaiya, Ayyad family; a family of 7 people in Shujaiya, Al-Hallaq family; a family of 6 people in Shujaiya, Al-Sakafi family; a family of 5 people also in Shujaiya, Sleem family; a family of 4 people in Shujaiya , Al-Hayyeh family; a family of 4 people in northern Gaza, Al-Zuweidi family, were among the many victims of Israel’s heinous attacks in just the past three days, with children and women constituting the majority of the dead.

“When hospital floors are drowning in the blood of innocents, corridors are filled with the deafening screams of pain of the wounded and cries of the grief and anguish for loved ones killed, and doctors, with barely any supplies and deprived of sleep and sustenance struggle courageously …. The international community has failed to enforce the rule of law, and failed its promise to humanity.

“On behalf of the Palestinian people, we ask: What is the international community doing to stop this bloodletting, to stop Israel’s atrocities? What is the Security Council doing to uphold its commitment to protect civilians in armed conflict and uphold the law and the Charter?” Manour asks.

“Israel’s impunity must be halted and the pretexts for its crimes rejected,” he assserted:

“We reiterate that it is no coincidence that this latest aggression was launched amid increased international pressure on Israel in the peace process; international acceptance of the Palestinian unity government; intensifying world condemnation of the settlements, settler terror, provocations in East Jerusalem, the Gaza blockade, the crisis of the Palestinian prisoners and detainees, and Israel’s destruction of the two-state solution, and the growing global calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.”

On a note of hope, in related international news, the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) approved, Wednesday, a $500,000 grant in humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a press release issued online, OFID stated that the grant will be channelled through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and operations will be implemented by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). It is estimated that around 35,000 people will directly benefit from OFID’s grant.

There are currently over 100,000 people, including entire families, seeking shelter at UNRWA schools in the region.

As of January 2014, there were approximately 5.4 million Palestinians registered as refugees in various regions across the globe, according to UNRWA.

Palestinians make up the largest refugee group in the entire world.