Following the furor created by a tweet asking if Palestinian children killed in Gaza are “halal meat,” French politician Jacques Renaud is reportedly disavowing ownership of the Twitter account bearing his name.

Ali Abunimah | The Electronic Intifada | 07/23/2014 – 14:32

The newspaper Le Courrier de l’Ouest now reports that Renaud, deputy mayor of Montreuil-Juigné, “officially denies any role and is currently at the police station lodging a formal complaint against X for identity theft.”

The mayor of the town, currently abroad, supports Renaud “unreservedly, considering it impossible that her deputy could be the author of such an odious message, adding that he does not have an account on Twitter,” the newspaper said.

The French website Al-Kanz had said in its report earlier that it had called up the Montreuil-Juigné town hall “to make sure that this really was the Twitter account of Jacques Renaud. It was confirmed to us that the elected official does have a Twitter account and this was him.”

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IMEMC notes that, according to a recent post on human rights blog Occupied Palestine, Twitter user @StonMichel responded to one of Renaud’s tweets, calling for “a bit of humanity” and attaching a graphic image apparently of the dismembered body of a young Palestinian child.

Renaud responded, “Il s’agit de viande Halal je suppose? (It’s halal meat, I suppose.)”

Thousands marched in cities around France, this past Saturday, according to Haaretz, who recently reported that Paris demonstrators climbed to the top of a building in order to burn an Israeli flag and at least one car, in the streets.

(The French government attempted to ban the march, but citizens defied the ban.)

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