Another massacre is currently underway in the Gaza Strip, where, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, relentless Israeli shelling and sniper fire are wreaking death and destruction on all that moves in the zone east of Khan Younis. At least 120 Palestinians have been injured, and 2 killed, in clashes which occurred in the occupied West Bank city of Qalandia, and are still ongoing.Khuza’a, Al Fukhari, Abasan Alkabir, Abasan Al Sa’ir, Jarara, and Bani Suhela received no warning of the most recent Israeli attacks. Neither did these villages receive warning to evacuate before the bombardment began.

The Algerian Hospital in Abasan Alkabir has been evacuated, with only the emergency department operational.

Moreover, an unknown number of dead and injured remain behind, according to Al Ray, as ambulances are prevented access and indiscriminate shelling continues unabated; Israeli snipers inside houses are attacking anything that moves.

Homes are being destroyed over the heads of entire families. Tens of thousands have been displaced.

There is no safe sanctuary for residents, patients or health personnel alike and the Israeli military is refusing to provide humanitarian access to the dead and injured, in clear breach of international humanitarian law, committing war crimes with blatant impunity.

Chaos is continuing to engulf the occupied West Bank, where over 10,000 people marched from Ramallah to Qalandia today, in protest of the merciless attacks on Gazan civilians. Clashes erupted between demonstrators and Israeli forces in the city, where a military checkpoint and a section of the Apartheid Wall stands, on the way to Jerusalem.

At least 120 Palestinians have been injured during the confrontations, according to the Palestinian News Network. Clashes are still ongoing — 60 involving live ammunition — with more than 50 ambulances reported to be seen in the area.

Ongoing clashes have also been reported in Bethlehem, Al Arroub, Jerusalem, Hebron and several other Palestinian cities all over the West Bank.

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The Ministry of Health in Gaza urges the international community demand the Israeli military to:

1. Immediately cease all attacks on civilian targets in Gaza;
2. Immediately cease all attacks on medical facilities and personnel in Gaza;
3. Immediately provide access to the dead and injured, as required by international humanitarian law.

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