Today, at the Salaymeh checkpoint in Hebron, Israeli border police detained three Palestinian men, checking their ID cards and making them remove their belts. One Palestinian was detained for around 20 minutes and another for 10 minutes. The other Palestinian was detained for around 30 minutes.

A small boy fell from his donkey close to the checkpoint and the donkey kicked the boy in the head and stood on his leg. The detained man ran through the checkpoint to pick the boy up but was soon followed by the Israeli border police who told the man to put the boy down and go stand behind the checkpoint. The boy was then tended to by international activists and other Palestinians in the area.

Later on Israeli border police fired one tear gas grenade for no reason at school children who had just finished school. There were no stones thrown and the Israeli border police that fired the tear gas grenade fired in an attempt to instigate a reaction from the children and to create tension.

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