Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and authority on issues in the occupied territories for the Arab League, Mohammed Sabih, warned of Israel’s further Judaization of Jerusalem, saying that Israeli has allotted some $17 billion for this process.Sabih stated, Sunday, following the first sitting of the 93rd session of the Palestinian Affairs Conference, hosted by the Arab League, that financial aid to occupied Jerusalem is unequal to that of Israel’s attack on the city’s Arab culture.

He explained, according to Al Ray, that Jerusalem is in real danger and is in bad need for comprehensive cooperation efforts to defend it, noting that the people of Jerusalem spare no efforts to defend it — not even the women.

Mr. Sabih warned of Israeli violations in Jerusalem, which control Muslims prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque, expel Jerusalemites, destroy houses and impose heavy taxes on Palestinians, forcing them to leave.

He stressed the importance of applying the recommendations of Arab and Islamic summits, and of the UN, in tackling the issues of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque.