The Palestinian Detainees Committee warned that the health condition of detainee Yosri al-Masri, who suffers from cancer and various health issues, witnessed a serious health deterioration, and that the detainee was moved to the Ramla Prison Clinic.The Committee said that detainee was moved from the Nafha prison to the Ramla Clinic, two days ago.

It added that al-Masri, 32 years of age, does not only have cancer, but also suffers an enlarged lymph node, is constantly tired, unable to stand even for a few seconds, and has a constant headache.

The Ramla Prison Clinic lacks basic equipment, and supplies, and does not have specialized physicians.

The Committee called on various local, regional and international legal and human rights groups, topped by the International Red Cross, to intervene and ensure professional medical treatment to al-Masri, and all ailing detainees.

Al-Masri was born on 1982 in Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza; he was kidnapped by the army on June 9, 2003, and was sentenced to a twenty-year imprisonment.

The Committee held Israel responsible for his life, especially since he was diagnosed while in prison, but was not provided specialized treatment.