Israeli sources have reported that the police found an Israeli man in the trunk of a Palestinian car, and that the man suffered several stab wounds; the police said the attack carries criminal motives.The sources said that the car approached an Israeli roadblock in the at-Tour town, in occupied East Jerusalem, but the driver sped away when the police tried to stop him.

The Police chased the car, and called for backup, before the car rammed into a number of parked vehicles.
Israeli Ynet News said the police found two Palestinians, aged 19 and 20, in the car, before hearing the wounded Israeli man, age 60, calling for help from the car’s truck, and that the man was found stabbed and tied up.

The Israeli Police said the two people in the car have criminal records, and that one of them was just recently released from prison for armed robbery.

The Ynet News Agency said the initial police investigation indicated that the two Palestinians met the man in Tel Aviv, asked him for help, and attempted to rob him after he gave them a ride. They later subdued and stabbed him before placing him in the truck, the report claims.

The wounded man was moved to the Hadassah Ein Karem Israeli Hospital in Jerusalem suffering moderate wounds, while the two young Palestinians were moved to an interrogation center.