The Palestinian Ministry Of Health in Gaza has reported that four main hospitals in the besieged and warn-torn coastal region are facing closure as they are running out of fuel than runs their power network.Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, has reported that the Shifa Medical Center, Kamal ‘Adwan Hospital, the Gaza-European Hospital, and the Rantisi Hospital for Children, could stop functioning within hours.

On his Facebook and Twitter accounts, Dr. Al-Qedra said the above mentioned hospitals are running out of fuel used to operate their power generators.

Despite Israel’s allegations of “easing the siege on Gaza,” the coastal enclave, still devastated and in ruins following last year’s Israel’s war and aggression, remains lacking basic supplies, including medical supplies.

Israel also frequently bombarded and destroyed the Gaza Power Plant, and deliberately targeted the infrastructure of the already impoverished, besieged, and densely populated region.