Israeli forces, on Sunday, fired tired gas canisters and stun grenades inside a boys’ secondary school in Jenin while students were still inside, as groups of settlers attempted to storm Yabod town, to the west of Jenin. Forces also raided the campus of the Palestine Technical University, near Tulkarem, while renewed Hebron clashes resulted in additional injuries.Witnesses informed WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that Israeli soldiers stationed adjacent to the apartheid wall, built illegally on land belonging to Palestinians, fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades inside al-Tayba Secondary School to the west of Jenin.

Dozens of university students also suffocated, as Israeli forces raided the campus of Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie, to the west of Tulkarem city, while firing a hail of tear gas canisters toward students, according to the university’s public relations department.

A large military force infiltrated the university’s campus — making it the second such attack in two weeks — amid heavy firing of tear gas canisters toward students, causing dozens of suffocation cases among them, due to tea gas inhalation. Some of the more severe suffocation cases were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

The department noted that tension is running high at the college due to Israeli forces’ continuous attempts to take over part of the campus’ land for the benefit of expanding a nearby Israeli military training camp.

Four Palestinians were shot and injured, Sunday, while many others, including students, suffocated during renewed clashes with Israeli army forces in the Hebron area.

Four Palestinians were shot and injured with rubber-coated steel bullets, and another was struck with a stun grenade shrapnel, whereas many others suffocated due to inhaling tear gas fired at them by Israeli forces during clashes that erupted at the eastern entrance of the town of Beit Kahel, to the northwest of Hebron.

Forces further blocked the eastern entrance and prevented Palestinian registered cars from crossing.

Meanwhile, dozens of Polytechnic University students — who rallied to protest Israel’s escalated aggression against the Palestinian people and al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem — suffocated during confrontations that broke out with Israeli army to the south of the city of Hebron.

Earlier Sunday, At least two Palestinians were shot and injured with live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets used by the Israeli army, as they stormed Hebron city in the early morning hours.