The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), on Sunday, expressed its solidarity with and support of Al-Haq human rights organization, in confrontation of the campaign which aims to defame Al-Haq organization, and its staff members, by unknown sources.PCHR stressed that this campaign is targeting the whole Palestinian human rights’ movement that is going through a legal struggle, on the international level, in order to expose the Israeli occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people, and prosecute the Israeli war criminals and bring them to justice.

In the past days, according to the PNN, Al-Haq received phone calls from unknown sources, threatening the life of some of its staff members particularly, Al-Haq’s representative in Europe, and General Director Shawan Jabarin, because Al-Haq is working on the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) file.

Those death threats came in the context of a systematic campaign launched against Al-Haq several months ago, via anonymous emails, phone calls and Facebook posts, in an attempt to raise questions regarding the administration of Al-Haq’s finances and undermine Al-Haq’s funding base. Some of those who called claimed that they worked within the Palestinian Authority (PA); a fact refuted by an official statement by the PA itself.

Al-Haq is considered the home base for the Palestinian human rights organizations. It should be noted that Al-Haq was founded in 1979 and is one of the strategic partners of PCHR in defending human rights, confronting the environment of impunity and prosecuting the Israeli war criminals on the international level.

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