Undercover Israeli forces infiltrated, on Friday evening, into the Suwwana neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, and assaulted a group of children, after surrounding them, and kidnapped four. The soldiers also kidnaped a child in al-‘Isawiyya.The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic), in occupied Jerusalem, said the undercover forces attacked the children close to Beit Orit illegal colony, built on Palestinian lands in Suwwana neighborhood, and kidnapped four of them.

The Israeli police said the children were taken prisoner reportedly for “hurling Molotov cocktails on the settlement.”

Many residents, including children, were injured in the Israeli military attack, and infiltration by the undercover soldiers.

Silwanic lawyer said the kidnapped children have been identified as Abdullah Samer Abu Esbeitan, 17, Bassem Maher Sbeitani, 17, Siraj Mahmoud Abu Esbeitan, 16, and Mahmoud Ahmad Abu al-Hawa, 17.

He added that they were taken prisoner at the at-Tour village junction; one of them was heading to a local pharmacy, and the others were walking back home.

Signs of physicals violence and beatings were clearly apparent on the bodies of Bassem and Siraj when the lawyer was eventually allowed to meet them.

On Friday evening, the police ordered Sondos Samir Mohammad Obeid, 15, under further interrogation; she was taken prisoner during the day after the police claimed that ‘she carried a knife with the intention to stab soldiers.’

The child was kidnapped near the main road leading to the al-‘Isawiyya town, in occupied Jerusalem.