The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Wednesday, that an agreement was reached between the hunger-striking detainees and the Israeli Prison Authority after more than a hundred detainees started the strike more fifteen days earlier.

The Committee stated that the implementation of the agreement will start on Thursday morning, which includes lowering the frequency of the signal jamming devices that are causing them various health complications. The devices have also been impacting TV and Radios.

It also stated that the Prison Authority will also be allowing public phones five days a week, starting this coming Sunday, as the detainees have been demanding to be able to use the phones to contact their families.

Also part of the agreement is allowing the transfer of Gaza Strip detainees to the Negev Detention Camp, to shorten the distance their families are forced to travel when they are allowed to visit with them.

Furthermore, the agreement states that Israel will lift the sanctions, which were imposed on more than 100 detainees, who started a hunger strike fifteen days ago, and were transferred from Ramon, Eshil and the Negev, among other prisons, to Nafha and Tzalmon prisons.

The Committee stated that, despite reaching the agreement, the detainees will continue the hunger strike, Thursday, to ensure the Israeli compliance with it.

On September 10th, the detainees, especially in Ramon, started a series of measures after the administration unilaterally voided the agreement which was reached with the striking detainees this past April, especially the removal of jamming devices, and the installation of public phones.

The detainees held several sessions of negotiations with the administration, but their demands were rejected, and no progress was ever reached.


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