On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers abducted two young Palestinian men from their homes in Qalqilia, in the northwestern West Bank, and on Monday, the army confiscated a bulldozer near the city.

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded Qalqilia before the soldiers stormed and violently searched a few homes.

They added that the soldiers abducted two young men, Naji Mahmoud Ata and Hamza Barham, and took them to an unknown location.

On Monday, the soldiers confiscated a Palestinian bulldozer while rehabilitating agricultural lands near Jayyous-Nabi Elias Road, east of Qalqilia.

The army claimed the bulldozer, owned by Abed Shaher Salim, was working on lands in Area C of the occupied West Bank, where the Israeli occupation imposes severe restrictions on the Palestinians, including working on their farmlands or building homes and structures.