The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs confirmed, this Tuesday, that the administration of the prison of Ashkelon has gradually begun implementing a number of the requests of the detainees, which have been demanded through their latest hunger strike.

The commission has stated that the administration of the prison has let all the families of the detainees visit them, and has abolished the (No Cafeteria) punishment for some of the detainees.

The commission has also noted, according to Ma’an, that the prison’s administration has requested the medical files of the ill detainees so that they are offered the appropriate treatments for their medical situations.

The detainees of the prison had threatened the prison’s administration with an open hunger strike, as soon as next week, to achieve some of their requests, to include the end of sudden intrusions to the detainees’ rooms, providing dental implants, allowing specialized doctors to enter the prison, and regularly letting clothes and books in.

(Al Ray archive image)