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08 Nov

Democratic Congressman Criticizes Israel After Visit to West Bank

Following a visit to the occupied West Bank, U.S. Democratic Congressman Andy Levin, earlier this week, criticized Israel for repeatedly demolishing Palestinian homes in a small village that has been rebuilt numerous times, WAFA reported. The trip included a tour of the Susya village, in the southern occupied West Bank, […]

07 Nov

Guterres Appoints Christian Saunders as Officer-In-Charge of UNRWA

The UN Secretary-General‚Äôs office has announced that the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) has completed a part of the ongoing inquiry into UNRWA management-related matters. The findings of OIOS revealed management issues which relate specifically to the Commissioner-General. The Commissioner-General has stepped aside until the completion of the process. […]

05 Nov

Israeli Forces to Raze Six Homes in Masafer Yatta

Israeli occupation forces, on Sunday, notified Palestinian owners of six homes in Masafer Yatta area, south of Hebron, of their intent to remove the structures. Masafer Yatta mayor Nidhal Younis said that soldiers stormed the hamlets of Maghayir al-Abeed and Khallet ed-Dabaa, handing out written demolition orders against six homes […]

05 Nov

Israel Bans Travel for Amnesty International Staff Member

The Israeli authorities‚Äô decision to prevent an Amnesty International staff member from travelling abroad for ‚Äúsecurity reasons‚ÄĚ, apparently as a punitive measure against the organization‚Äôs human rights work, is another chilling indication of Israel‚Äôs growing intolerance of critical voices, Amnesty International said, Thursday. ¬†‚ÄúThe Israeli authorities claim that they have […]

03 Nov

PCHR: 81st Great March of Return: IOF Shot and Injured 144 Palestinian Civilians

144 Palestinian civilians, including 53 children, 3 women, 2 paramedics and a journalist, were shot and injured by the Israeli occupation forces‚Äô (IOF) fire against peaceful protestors at the 81st Great March of Return (GMR), this past Friday, 01 November 2019. The increased number of injuries in this week‚Äôs GMR […]

03 Nov

Mosques, Churches, Protests: Gaza on the Balfour Declaration’s 102nd Anniversary

Gazans march in protest on the 102nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. On the 102nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, churches rang bells and mosques called for prayer at the same time, while tens of thousands of Palestinians entered the buffer zone this Friday between the besieged Gaza Strip and […]

03 Nov

Israel Plans to Seize Over 600 Dunams of Land in Nablus and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities ordered, on Saturday, the confiscation of 500 dunams of Palestinian land in the village of Hizma, east of Jerusalem, and 124 dunams in the villages of Majdal Bani Fadel and Douma, south of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank, local sources said. Muslim Abu Heleou, head […]

01 Nov

Israeli Forces Injure 96 Palestinians At Gaza Border

At least 96 Palestinians were injured on Friday as Israeli forces attacked dozens of peaceful protesters taking part in the 81st Friday of the Great March of Return at the border between Gaza and Israel. The Ministry of Health reported that the Israeli occupation forces shot 96 Palestinian non-violent protesters, […]

31 Oct

Israel Displaces Araqib Villagers In Negev For 165th Time

The Israeli authorities, Tuesday evening demolished all structures in the Palestinian Bedouin village of Araqib, in the Negev desert, for the 165th consecutive time, displacing its residents, again. According to local sources, Israeli police forces and employees from the Bedouin development authority, which is responsible for such demolitions, stormed the […]

28 Oct

Augusta Victoria Hospital Out of Service, PA Refuses to Pay Debts

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH), in occupied Jerusalem, Sunday evening, launched a distress call entitled “The Future of AVH Hospital is in Danger,” which has reached a dead end, according to administration. The hospital said, in a statement, that the Palestinian government did not transfer any funds to the hospital and […]

26 Oct

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (17 ‚Äď 23 October 2019)

Summary ¬† During the reporting period, PCHR documented 129 violations of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory.   As part of the Israeli violations of the right to life and bodily integrity:¬†on 18 October […]

22 Oct

VIDEO: Palestinian Forced to Demolish Home in Jerusalem

A Palestinian resident of the Jabal al Mukabbir neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, tore down his home after he received a demolition order from the Israeli authorities, said a local official. Fateh movement’s secretary general in Jabal al-Mukabbir, Iyad Bashir, told WAFA that Sultan Bashir got the demolition order for his […]

17 Oct

Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza

Israeli naval forces, today, attacked Palestinian fishing boats offshore al-Sudaniya, northwest of Gaza City, according to WAFA correspondence. He said that the Israeli navy opened gunfire and shot water hoses towards fishing boats sailing within three nautical miles offshore, causing material damages. No injuries were reported among the fishermen, who […]

12 Oct

PCHR: “On 78th Friday of Great March of Return: 71 Civilians Injured, Including 28 children”

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR): Seventy-one Palestinian civilians, including 28 children, were injured due to Israeli soldiers‚Äô excessive use of force against peaceful protestors at the 78th¬†Great March of Return, this Friday, 11 October 2019. Israeli forces persisted in the use of excessive force against the protestors participating […]

12 Oct

UNRWA in a Time of Crisis: Separating the Red Herrings from Legitimate Shortcomings

by¬†Ardi¬†Imseis for Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees has faced much turmoil in the past few years. In August 2018, the US¬†announced¬†that it would no longer fund UNRWA, withdrawing the more than $300 million it had formerly supplied annually. Though others, such […]

12 Oct

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (03 ‚Äď 09 October 2019)

Summary ¬† During the reporting period, PCHR documented 138 violations of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory. As part of the Israeli violations of the right to life and bodily integrity,¬†Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian […]

09 Oct

Slain Gaza Protester: Father, Husband, Brother, and ‚Äúa Palestinian who dreamed of liberation‚ÄĚ

photo: Alaa Nizar Hamdan, 28, killed by Israeli live ammunition on October 4th, 2019 5th October | Wafa Aludaini | Gaza, Occupied Palestine A Palestinian protester identified as Alaa Nizar Hamdan, 28, was shot dead on October 4, by Israeli Occupation soldiers in Jabalia, northern Gaza during the 77th week […]

07 Oct

Palestinian Dies From Serious Injuries Suffered In Northern Gaza

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported, on Monday, October 7th, 2019, that a young man who was shot and seriously injured by Israeli army fire in northern Gaza, has died from his wounds. The Health Ministry stated that the young man, Fadi Osama Ramadan Hijazi, 21, was seriously injured in […]

07 Oct

West Bank Colonization Measures a Prelude to New Settlement Activity

Israeli forces bulldozed around 30 dunams of Palestinian lands, in an area adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Kharsina, to the east of the southern West Bank district of Hebron, as a prelude to the construction of a new settlement outpost, there, said a local activist. Abd al-Hadi Hantash, […]

06 Oct

Dr. Hilla Dayan: Israel’s Benny Gantz Faces Dutch War Crimes Case

Ismail Ziada, a Dutch Palestinian who lost six family members when Israel bombarded his home in Gaza, is taking Benny Gantz, the leader of Israel‚Äôs Blue and White Party, to court for killing his family. Professor Hilla Dayan, who observed the proceedings, discusses the case and its impact on Israeli […]

06 Oct

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 Sep. ‚Äď 02 Oct. 2019)

Summary ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† During the reporting period, PCHR documented 129 violations of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory. Under the Israeli violations of the right to life and bodily integrity, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian and […]

28 Sep

Saudi Arabia Donates $50 Million To UNRWA

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Abdul-Aziz al-‚ÄėAssaf, stated on September 26th that his country has donated 50.000.000 US Dollars to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for its 2019 budget. The statement came during his meeting with Pierre Kr√§henb√ľhl, the Commissioner-General for the United Nations Relief and Works […]

27 Sep

Shin Bet Bans Gaza Football Team from Travel

Israel’s security agency, Shin Bet, has recommended a ban on travel, holding back a competition over the Palestine Football Cup, between Rafah Services Club and Balata Youth Center, Hebrew channel 12 reported. According to the channel, the final match between the two teams was to be held today, in Nablus, […]

25 Sep

New Legislation in Congress Puts Palestinians in a Catch-22

New legislation introduced in Congress would potentially destroy the ability of the Palestinian leadership to engage in diplomatic and legal channels to support Palestinian national aspirations. The legislation would give Palestinian leaders two options: withdraw from international bodies that are integral to their pursuit of justice or be held liable […]

20 Sep

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (12 ‚Äď 18 September 2019)

Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory¬† 12 ‚Äď 18 September 2019 ¬† Palestinian Woman killed at Qalendia Checkpoint at the northern entrance to occupied East Jerusalem, claiming she attempted to stab an Israeli soldier. Great March of Return in Eastern Gaza Strip:¬†78 civilians injured, including 34 […]

20 Sep

Army Cuts Off Water Supply to Jordan Valley Village

Israeli occupation forces, on Thursday,¬† closed the water pipes which supply Palestinian residents in the village of Bardale, in the northern Jordan Valley, east of the occupied West Bank. Member of Bardala village council, Dirar Sawafta, said that Israeli forces stormed the village in the early morning and closed a […]

19 Sep

Agricultural Lands Attacked in Salfit and Jordan Valley

Israeli soldiers, on Wednesday, chopped down scores of Palestinian-owned olive trees in Burqin village, to the west of the occupied West Bank district of Salfit, according to¬† Marwan Abdul Rahman, head of Burqin village council. He said that the soldiers destroyed more than 100 olive trees in the Khirbet Qarqash […]

19 Sep

Palestinians Revive Memories of Aida

by Elise Schroons- Bethlehem, PNN The recently opened coffee shop named Aida, in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem, welcomes customers for a coffee and a chat. Its name ‚ÄėAida‚Äô originates from a popular coffee shop of the same name that was located nearby. It was owned by Aida, a Palestinian woman, […]

18 Sep

EU: Settlements a ‚ÄúSerious Breach of International Law‚ÄĚ

Shortly after the Israeli government approved the establishment of a new settlement on the outskirts of Jericho city, the European Union slammed all settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, as a serious breach of international law. ‚ÄúThe European Union reiterates that all settlements in the occupied Palestinian […]

15 Sep

Opinion : The Zionist Quest for Palestinian Absolution is a Fantasy

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained the main obstacle to a ‚Äúsolution‚ÄĚ with the Palestinian people. Along with Education Minister Rafi Peretz, Netanyahu attended a ceremony to mark the start of the school year in the Elkana colonial settlement in the Occupied West Bank and gave a […]

14 Sep

New Lands to be Seized for Settlement Expansion in Nablus

Israeli occupation authorities, on Thursday, ordered the confiscation of Palestinian-owned lands in Nablus district, to expand the illegal Yitzhar settlement. According to Days of Palestine, the village councils of Burin, Huwara, Asira al-Qibliya, Madama, Urif and Einabus all received copies of an Israeli order to seize Palestinian-owned lands in the […]

11 Sep

UN Human Rights Commissioner : 30 Journalists Covering Protests Injured by Israel

In Gaza alone, Israeli forces have injured 30 journalists since March 22, a UN rights body said on Monday. “30 journalists covering the protests were injured” by the Israeli army, UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet said in a statement, referring to the protests held along the Israel-Gaza fence. […]

10 Sep

“I Watched My Father And Brother Killed By Israeli Bombs. For Me, The UK Arms Trade Is Deeply Personal”

“The UK has, for the first time, officially invited the Israeli government to participate in the world‚Äôs largest arms fair at DSEI, set to take place in London, this month. I‚Äôm calling on UK citizens to make their voices heard.” – Amal Samouni For many people who have lived a […]

09 Sep

Focus On: International Aid to Palestine

by¬†Samer Abdelnour,¬†Sam Bahour,¬†Nora Lester Murad,¬†Alaa Tartir,¬†Jeremy Wildeman¬†for Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network The Trump Administration‚Äôs decision to cut aid to the Palestinians and cease USAID operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) must serve as a wake-up call for Palestinian policymakers to lay the Oslo Accords aid model to rest. Neither […]

07 Sep

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (29 August ‚Äď 04 September 2019)

Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory¬† 29 August ‚Äď 04 September 2019 ¬† Great March of Return in Eastern Gaza Strip:¬†1 Civilian killed and 93 others injured, including 33 children, a woman, 2 journalists, and a paramedic. ¬† West Bank:¬†4 civilians injured, including a child and […]

07 Sep

Kairos Palestine’s Statement on Israeli House Demolitions

Everywhere, and throughout the occupied Palestinian Territories, the Israeli authorities demolish the houses of Palestinians, which the international law stipulates that they be protected and preserved by the occupying authority. In violation to the said law and to implement colonial plans, the Israeli authorities demolish houses, confiscate lands and build […]

07 Sep

PCHR: “On 73rd Friday of Great March of Return: 2 Children Killed and 81 Civilians Injured, including 39 Children, 1 Journalist and 2 Paramedics by Israeli forces”

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR): On 73rd Friday of¬†Great March of Return, 2 children were killed and 81 civilians injured as a result of the Israeli military‚Äôs continued use of excessive force against peaceful protests along the Gaza Strip‚Äôs eastern border; 38 children, 1 journalist and 2 paramedics, […]

05 Sep

Israeli Security Tech on US-Mexican Border Threatens Nation’s Civil Liberties

The ACLU‚Äôs Jay Stanley says that the Border Patrol’s repurposing of surveillance technology and drones could open doors that put our liberty and privacy at risk. Jay Stanley is a senior policy analyst with the ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, where he researches, writes, and speaks about technology-related privacy […]

05 Sep

Christian Palestinian Group Calls For An End To Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

Throughout the occupied Palestinian Territories, the Israeli authorities demolish the homes of Palestinians, although international law stipulates that they be protected by the occupying power. In violation of said law, and in an effort to implement colonial ambitions, the Israeli authorities demolish houses, confiscate lands and build settlements on their […]

05 Sep

Palestinian Home Razed in East Jerusalem

Israeli authorities, on Tuesday, demolished a Palestinian house in al-Tur town, east of Jerusalem, under the pretext of unlicensed construction. Homeowner Mohamed Abul Hawa said that Israeli police forces and municipal employees demolished his 90-square-meter house in the town because it was built with no permit. Abul Hawa added that […]

03 Sep

ICC Prosecutor to Reconsider Decision on Mavi Marmara

The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided, on Monday, that the ICC prosecutor must reconsider a decision to start an investigation, or not, on the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident. “[The] Appeals Chamber nevertheless maintained that ‚Äėultimate decision‚Äô as to whether or not to initiate an investigation is […]

03 Sep

Army Destroys Al-Araqib Village For The 157th Time

Israeli soldiers and police officers, accompanied by members of the so-called ‚ÄúNegev Development Authority,‚ÄĚ invaded the Bedouin village of al-Araqib, in the Negev Desert, and demolished it for the 157th time. The soldiers and officers confiscated the tents, and destroyed all structures installed by the villagers, displacing them for the […]

01 Sep

Harvard-bound Ismail Ajjawi an Inspiration to Fellow UNRWA Students

Seventeen-year-old Palestine refugee, Ismail Ajjawi, who was admitted to the Harvard University incoming freshman class of 2023 and issued a visa to the United States, was denied entry to the country when he arrived at Boston Logan International Airport, on August 23. Ajjawi graduated this spring, from the United Nations […]

31 Aug

Young Man Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Friday In Southern Gaza

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported, Saturday, that a young man who was shot and seriously injured by Israeli army fire during the Great Return March processions, Friday, has died from his wounds. The Health Ministry stated that Badereddin Nabil Mousa, 25, was shot with a […]

31 Aug

Army Seals Entrance to Beit Ummar

Israeli occupation forces, today, sealed the main entrance to the town of Beit Ummar, to the north of Hebron, according to witnesses. The army shut , with a metal gate, the entrance to the town, forcing Palestinians to use longer routes to enter or exit the village. Human rights group […]

31 Aug

Israel Destroys Al-Araqib for 156th Time

Israeli occupation authorities have made hundreds of Bedouin Palestinians homeless after demolishing their village in the Negev region for the 156th time, Palestine‚Äôs news agency says. Eyewitnesses said, according to the PNN, that Israeli authorities, on Thursday, demolished crude homes and tore apart tents in the Bedouin village of Araqib, […]

31 Aug

Orwellian Surveillance of Tohono O‚Äôodham Nation ‚Äď A Test Case for Entire US Border?

Will Parrish tells the story of how Israeli surveillance techniques, originally developed to control Palestinians, are now being used on Indigenous land near the border to control migrants, and could be expanded to the entire nation. TRNN Video & Transcript MARC STEINER:¬†Welcome to The Real News Network. I‚Äôm Marc Steiner. […]

30 Aug

PCHR: “On 72nd Great March of Return: 94 Civilians Injured, including 25 Children, a Woman, 2 Journalists and 2 Paramedics by Israeli forces”

Comprehensive Report by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR): On 72nd Great March of Return, 94 civilians injured as a result of the Israeli military‚Äôs continued use of excessive force against peaceful protests along the Gaza Strip‚Äôs eastern border; 25 children, a woman, 2 journalists and 2 paramedics were […]

30 Aug

Israeli Soldiers Injure 72 Palestinians In Gaza

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that Israeli soldiers injured, during the Great Return Procession in the Gaza Strip, Friday, 72 Palestinians, including 30 who were shot with live ammunition, in addition to a journalist and a medic, in various parts of the coastal region. Thousands […]

30 Aug

Israel Halts Travel for 661 Gaza Patients

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) said that Israel continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of people in Gaza Strip during July, impeding 661 patients and reducing exports by 42.2 per cent. PCHR declared in a monthly report, Tuesday: ‚Äúthe Israeli occupation authorities refuse to allow most […]

30 Aug

ISM Calls for Protest against Israeli Demolition ‚ÄėCharity‚Äô Regavim in London

photo:¬†Border police guard a bulldozer at it destroys a Palestinian home in the South Hebron Hill‚Äôs village of Um al Khair in 2016 On September 1st, UK Lawyers for Israel is¬†hosting a talk¬†by Regavim, a pro-settler NGO with charitable status, pivotal in speeding up demolitions of Palestinian homes across the […]

30 Aug

Jewish Newspaper Apologizes to pro-Palestine Charity

A London-based, pro-Israel newspaper suffered embarrassment this week, as¬†The Jewish Chronicle¬†published a public apology and agreed to pay damages to a pro-Palestine charity, after falsely accusing it of supporting terrorism.   The Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, also known as Interpal, is a British-charity which provides relief and development aid […]

30 Aug

46,000 Refugee Students Return to UNRWA Schools

This week, 46,000 refugee girls and boys began the 2019-2020 school year at 96 schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Students at the Silwan Girls‚Äô School in East Jerusalem were particularly excited to go to school, not only […]

27 Aug

Analysts: Lifting Israeli Siege To Halt Gaza Attacks

Recent attacks carried out by armed individuals in the Gaza Strip reflect the growing public anger of Israel‚Äôs 12-year blockade on the Palestinian territory, analysts told Anadolu Agency. Analysts opine that lifting the crippling siege and improving livelihood in Gaza will lead to halting attacks from the coastal enclave against […]

27 Aug

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi : “Palestinian Rights Are Not for Sale”

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee member, made a statement in regards to the recent comments by U.S President Donald Trump in France, WAFA reported. In a statement, Dr. Ashrawi said ‚ÄúThis ignorance has also been evident in the actions and the biased positions taken by […]

25 Aug

Ramzy Baroud : The Decades-old War on Palestinian Workers

Over the past month, the Lebanese authorities have unleashed a brutal crackdown on Palestinian workers. In June, Lebanese Minister of Labour Kamil Abu Sleiman decreed that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon must obtain work permits like other foreign workers. This move added to the already precarious situation of many Palestinian workers […]

23 Aug

Israeli Soldiers Injure 122 Palestinians In Gaza

Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly Great Return March processions along the eastern parts of the Gaza Strip, and injured 122 Palestinians, including 50 who were shot with live rounds, and three medics. Thousands of Palestinians gathered along the eastern parts of the coastal region, hundreds of meters away from […]

21 Aug

Over 20 Palestinian Structures North Of Jerusalem to be Demolished

Israeli forces and staff of the so-called Israeli Municipality of West Jerusalem today ordered the demolition of over 20 Palestinian structures in al-Matar neighborhood, north of Jerusalem. Security sources confirmed that Israeli forces and municipality staff stormed Al-Matar neighborhood, opposite to Qalandiya refugee camp, where they handed demolition orders for […]

21 Aug

30 Palestinian Homes to be Demolished in Negev

Israeli occupation forces, on Tuesday, stormed the village of Lqiya, in the Negev desert, and handed out demolition and evacuation notices to 30 buildings and facilities. Most of the notices were given to the Abu Mutair family, while some belonged to the family of the former Arab member of Knesset, […]

18 Aug

Army Destroys Irrigation Tank in Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation forces, today, destroyed a large water tank used for irrigating farmlands near the village of Bardala, in the northern Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank. Mutaz Besharat, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the Jordan Valley, told WAFA that Israeli army destroyed a 1000-cube water tank […]

17 Aug

PLO Calls on UN to Accelerate UNRWA Corruption Probe

Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, today, called upon the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to accelerate the ongoing investigation into suspicions of corruption within the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). In the meantime, Erekat sent identical letters to […]

17 Aug

PCHR: “70th Great March of Return: 66 Civilians Injured by Israeli forces, including 20 Children, 3 Women and a Volunteer Paramedic”

On the 70th¬†Great March of Return, 66 Palestinian civilians were injured due to the Israeli military‚Äôs continued use of excessive force against peaceful protests along the Gaza Strip‚Äôs eastern border. At least 20 children, 3 women and a volunteer paramedic were among those injured this Friday, 16 August 2019. Twenty-nine […]

16 Aug

How Israel’s Erasure of Palestinian History Perpetuates Occupation

Professor Ilan Pappe discusses why Israel’s agency in charge of nuclear security hid documents about the Nakba, the catastrophe in which Palestinians were driven from their land in 1948, explaining that it was an effort to eliminate the Palestinian narrative. TRNN Video & Transcript GREG WILPERT:¬†Welcome to The Real News […]

16 Aug

VIDEO: Gaza In Context

By:¬†Status Audio-Visual Magazine / Days of Palestine 08/05/19¬†Opinion: Abbas‚Äô La-La Land And The Evolution Of The American Love Affair With Israel  

08 Aug

Success: UIC Reverses Ban on Palestine Event

By Palestine Legal: A community group in Rockford, Ill., that had been blocked from renting space for an event featuring Israeli-American activist and author Miko Peled successfully held their event on Saturday after Palestine Legal intervened. In June, the Truth Squad of Rockford attempted to rent an auditorium at the […]

06 Aug

Ongoing Demolitions in West Bank: Report

Israeli forces, today, demolished four structures and a house under construction in Bir Oneh village, Beit Jala city, west of Bethlehem. Head of the Bethlehem Office of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Committee Hassan Breija said that Israeli forces stormed and cordoned off the village, before a bulldozer demolished four barns […]

05 Aug

Ministry of Foreign Affairs : ‘Significant Escalation’ of Demolitions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates released a statement, concluding that the month of July witnessed a significant escalation of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian houses and facilities. According to surveys conducted by local, Israeli, foreign research centers, and UN reports, 43 water wells, houses, and apartments were destroyed, displacing […]

01 Aug

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (25 ‚Äď 31 July 2019)

Shooting and other violations of the right to life and bodily integrity ¬† At approximately 23:30 on Monday, 29 July 2019, Israeli gunboats stationed northwest of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within 6 nautical miles. As a result, the fishermen were […]

01 Aug

Euro-Med Calls Out Switzerland, Netherlands For Suspension of UNRWA Funding

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights, today, criticized Switzerland and the Netherlands’ decision to suspend their support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). The decision came after the leaking of a report on corruption in the UN organization. Ashrawi: UN Failure to […]

01 Aug

Second Child in Less than 24 Hours Summoned for Interrogation

Israeli forces summoned a second Palestinian child, in less than 24 hours, for interrogation. Qais Firas Obaid, 6 years old, from al-Eesawiyya, in the occupied city of Jerusalem, was summoned by Israeli forces on Tuesday evening, for interrogation, just after a summons was issued to Mohammad Elayyan (4 years), on […]

27 Jul

Palestinian Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Friday

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that a young man died, on Friday at night, from serious wounds he suffered in the evening after Israeli soldiers shot him during the Great Return March processions. The Health Ministry said the young man, identified as Ahmad Mohammad al-Qarra, […]

27 Jul

Army Injures 71 Palestinians, Including 30 Children, 3 Women and 1 Medic, In Gaza

Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has reported that Israeli soldiers injured, Friday, 71 Palestinians, including 30 children, one medic and three women, after the army attacked the Great Return March processions in the Gaza Strip. The PCHR said the soldiers resorted to the excessive use of force against the […]

26 Jul

A Life Redefined by a Tear Gas Canister

Defence for Children International – Palestine¬†/ On the afternoon of January 11, 2019, Samer S. set out for the bus stop with his cousin. It was a Friday, meaning that the ‚ÄúGreat March of Return‚ÄĚ demonstrations would be starting soon. For a 13-year-old boy from the impoverished Jabalia refugee camp […]

26 Jul

Al-Araqib Demolished for 148th Time

Israeli authorities demolished the Palestinian Bedouin village of Al-Araqib for the 148th time, today, the second time this week, while abducting village leader Sheikh Sayyah Al-Turi,¬†Arab48¬†reported. According to local residents, in the morning, occupation authorities bulldozed and destroyed homes and tents under the protection of occupation police forces. Eyewitnesses also […]

25 Jul

Olmert Cancels Trip to Switzerland Fearing Arrest over War Crimes

Israeli ex-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, on Thursday,¬†canceled a visit to Switzerland for fear of being arrested on charges of the war launched on the Gaza Strip in 2008. Ynet newspaper reported, according to Al Ray, that Swiss authorities informed the Israeli Ministry of Justice that Olmert will be questioned upon […]

25 Jul

MADA Calls for Photojournalist’s Release from Israeli Prison

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) has called on international legal and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Israeli occupation government to stop its attempts to deport the Palestinian photographer, Mustafa Al-Karouf, outside of the Palestinian territories and release him, as he has been detained […]

23 Jul

Gaza Revived: How An Irishman Is Giving Hope To Palestinian Amputees

by¬†Muhammad Hussein Gaza. The very name evokes images of Israeli bombardment, crumbling infrastructure, keffiyeh-clad protestors standing defiantly with Palestinian flags and slingshots, and screaming children shot by snipers in a fog of tear gas and smoke from burning tyres. All of these images are the unfortunate reality of the Palestinians […]

23 Jul

VIDEO: Palestinians and British ISMers Hospitalized in Sadistic and Brutal Display of Violence by Israeli Soldiers in East Jerusalem Demolition

Photo: ISMer‚Äôs neck shows strangulation marks where she was dragged across the floor by Israeli border police with her Kaffiyeh. 07/23/19 | International Solidarity Movement | East Jerusalem Two Palestinian families lost their homes yesterday in unprecedented mass demolitions in East Jerusalem carried out by 900 Israeli soldiers who hospitalized […]

23 Jul

Gaza’s Desalination Plant Completed, says Official

The head of Gaza’s Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, today, announced the completion of the sea water desalination plant project in Gaza City. Ghoneim said, in a press release, that the experimental operation of the station, which has a capacity of producing 10,000 cubic meters per day, will serve more than […]

21 Jul

Nearly 100 Gazan Protesters Wounded by Israeli Forces

Israeli occupation forces have again attacked Palestinians taking part in the weekly ‚ÄúGreat March of Return‚ÄĚ rallies, injuring 98 Gazan protesters, according to the Gazan Health Ministry. The Gazan Health Ministry also said that 49 of the injured protesters had sustained bullet wounds from Israeli live fire. Four paramedics were […]

19 Jul

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (11 ‚Äď 17 July 2019)

Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory for the week of 11- 17 July, 2019. 74 Palestinian civilians injured; 24 of them were children, a woman, 2 journalists including a female, and a paramedic at the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip. 5 civilians, including […]

19 Jul

UN Officials Call On Israel To Halt Sur Baher Demolitions

UN officials, on Wednesday, called on Israel to halt plans for mass demolitions in the neighborhood of Sur Baher, East Jerusalem. This came in a statement by Jamie McGoldrick (Humanitarian Coordinator), Gwyn Lewis (Director of West Bank Operations for UNRWA), and James Heenan (Head of OHCHR in the occupied Palestinian […]

19 Jul

Area A Residential Buildings to be Demolished near Jerusalem

Israeli forces, today, took measurements of 16 Palestinian residential buildings slated for demolition in Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood, located on the edge of Sur Baher, southeast of the occupied city of Jerusalem. Head of the Wadi al-Hummus Committee Hamada Hamada told WAFA that Israeli forces, along with staff from the so-called […]

19 Jul

MoH: Gaza Facing Unprecedented Shortage of Medical Supplies

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said tha¬† it was facing an ‚Äúunprecedented‚ÄĚ shortage of essential medicines and medical supplies, on Tuesday. ‚ÄúThe medical crisis in hospitals and health centers is the most difficult during the years of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip,‚ÄĚ a statement […]

17 Jul

Palestinians Losing 60 Million Work Hours Per Year

Palestinians lose about 60 million hours of work per year, due to check points and restrictions imposed, by the Israeli occupation, on Palestinian movement between the towns and villages of the West Bank, the Applied Research Institute (ARIJ) reported Monday, according to Al Ray. ARIJ estimated the loss at about […]

14 Jul

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (04 ‚Äď 10 July 2019)

Israeli violations of human rights documented in the occupied Palestinian territory for the week of 4-10 July, 2019: West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem: 6 civilians injured; 55 civilians arrested, including 6 children; 75 incursions into Palestinian territory; 113 temporary checkpoints established; 100 demolition notices distributed in occupied East Jerusalem; […]

10 Jul

16 Palestinian Children Killed in First Term of 2019

The Israeli occupation army has killed 16 Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip during the first term of 2019, Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights reported on Wednesday. The center said, in the report, that some 1,233 Palestinian children were injured while participating in the Great March of Return, and 17 […]

10 Jul

Israeli Forces Confiscate Bulldozer, Demolish Building Foundation in West Bank

Israeli forces confiscated a bulldozer working on the rehabilitation of an agricultural land in Kufr Qaddoum village, east of Qalqilia, in the occupied West Bank, said local WAFA sources. Israeli forces were said to have confiscated a bulldozer belonging to Suhaib Jamal, while he was working on rehabilitating an agricultural […]

10 Jul

237 Homes to be Demolished in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities from the Jerusalem municipality and heavily armed police stormed the neighborhood of Wadi al-Hummus, in Sur Baher town, to the south of Jerusalem, on Sunday evening, taking measurements of homes threatened with demolition. The head of Wadi al-Hummus Committee, Hamada Hamada, told the Palestinian Information Centre that […]

08 Jul

Remembering the 2014 Israeli Offensive against Gaza

On this day, five years ago, the Israeli occupation launched one of its deadliest military offensives against the Gaza Strip in recent history. The conflict left 2,251 people dead, with more than 11,000 wounded, according to Palestinian and UN sources. Five years on, Gaza is still subject to intense attacks […]

07 Jul

Khaled Barakat on Anti-Palestinian Repression in Germany

Khaled Barakat, the Palestinian writer¬†who has been subjected to a political ban in Germany for his support of the Palestinian liberation movement, spoke out about the repression of Palestinian activism in Germany in an interview with the ‚ÄúScope‚ÄĚ program on Indus News on 4 July 2019. The program is hosted […]

07 Jul

Bahrain Was A Workshop Of Betrayal

by Dr. Amira Abo el-Fetouh During the rule of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid, Theodor Herzl made an offer to buy Palestine in order to move the Jews of the world there, but the Sultan rejected the offer. Last week, Herzl‚Äôs ideological grandson, Jared Kushner, went to Bahrain to ask […]

07 Jul

Photo Essay: Settler Tour Exemplifies the Difficult Reality of Occupation in Old City Hebron

07/07/19 | International Solidarity Movement | Hebron Every Saturday, illegal Jewish settlers from around the West Bank take a ‚Äútour‚ÄĚ of the busy¬†souq¬†(market) in Old City of Hebron, the busiest market street in the area since the closure of Shuhada Street. Local Palestinians believe that the Israeli authorities facilitate the […]

07 Jul

Report: Secret Israeli Unit Purging Historical Documents Related to Nakba

Israel‚Äôs ministry for military affairs has formed a secret unit tasked with concealing sensitive historical documents, with a special focus on censoring chilling revelations related to the expulsion of Palestine‚Äôs original inhabitants, according to a report. Malmab, also known as the military affairs ministry‚Äôs department for ‚Äúdefense establishment security‚ÄĚ, has […]

06 Jul

95 Palestinians Injured By Israeli Forces in Gaza

Thousands of protesters took part Friday, in the weekly Great March of Return, at Israel‚Äôs so-called security fence, bordering Gaza, according to Palestinian WAFA Agency. According to medical sources, some of the injured being treated in field hospitals, while others had to be transferred to hospital for medical care. According […]

04 Jul

Palestine Cup Delayed after Gaza Teams Denied Permit into West Bank

The Palestine Football Association (PFA), today, announced a delay in the final Palestine Cup game, scheduled to be played in the West Bank, today, after Israel delayed issuing of permits for the Gaza-based team to play in the West Bank, said the PFA. ‚ÄúThe Palestine Football Association regrets to announce […]

02 Jul

Why is Aid to Palestine Ineffective?

Policy analyst Jeremy Wildeman discusses his study of aid effectiveness to Palestine through the perceptions of development organizations and donors, highlighting how they tend to ignore the impact of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian economy. TRNN Video & Transcript GREG WILPERT¬†It‚Äôs The Real News Network and I‚Äôm Greg Wilpert […]

02 Jul

Israel To Release Corpse Of Slain Teen Who Was Killed In April

The Israeli Authorities have decided, Monday, to release the corpse of a Palestinian teen, identified as Ishaq Abdul-Mo‚Äôti Eshteiwi, 16, who was killed by Israeli army fire in April of this year. The decision came after the al-Mezan Center for Human Rights filed an appeal with Israeli courts demanding the […]

29 Jun

Outstanding Support for UNRWA by International Community

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) received the outstanding support of the representatives of states and institutions at its annual international Pledging Conference, held on 25 June, in New York. Representatives of states and institutions unanimously commended the Agency‚Äôs role in […]

29 Jun

On 64th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 128 Palestinian Civilians, including 38 Children, 3 Women, 7 Paramedics, and Journalist

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights (PCHR): On Friday, 28 June 2019, in excessive use of force against peaceful protesters on the 64th¬†¬† Friday of the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege, Israeli forces wounded 128¬† Palestinian civilians, including 38 children, 3 women, 7 paramedics, and a journalist. […]