The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, Thursday, that the Israeli authorities have issued Administrative Detention orders against 24 Palestinian political prisoners, including one woman, since the beginning of this month, holding the detainees’ captive without charges or trial.

The PPS stated that the female detainee, Bushra Tawil, from al-Biereh city, received a six-month Administrative Detention order, and that she is a former political prisoner, who was abducted and detained by the army, and was re-arrested on November 1st.

It added that ten of the detainees have received these orders for the first time, or were former political prisoners, who were arrested again and placed under Administrative Detention.

The new orders have been issued against the following detainees:

  1. Fahmi Hussein Zohour, from al-Biereh, six months (renewal).
  2. Fayez Salah Halabi, from Salfit, six months (renewal).
  3. Morad Mohammad Zaghari, from Bethlehem, four months (renewal).
  4. Sa’ad Hasan al-‘Amour, from Bethlehem, four months (renewal).
  5. Nadim Ibrahim Sabarna, from Hebron, four months (renewal).
  6. Nader Mustafa Sawafta, from Tubas, six months (renewal).
  7. Ahmad Salim Sufan, from Ramallah, three months (renewal).
  8. Wahid Hamdi Abu Mariya, from Hebron, four months.
  9. Mohammad Sami Ghneim, from Jenin, four months (renewal).
  10. Ahmad Abdul-Aziz Mubarak, from Ramallah, four months (renewal).
  11. Omar Mohammad Hamed, from Ramallah, three months.
  12. Mahdi Jamil ‘Orouq, from Jenin, four months (renewal).
  13. Bassel Salama al-‘Ayasa, from Bethlehem, six months.
  14. Mohammad Suleiman Hreizat, from Hebron, four months (renewal).
  15. Ayed Mahmoud Doudin, from Hebron, six months (renewal).
  16. Ahmad Adnan Salman, from Nablus, four months (renewal).
  17. Jamal Mohammad Abdul-Kamel, from Bethlehem, three months (renewal).
  18. Ismail Khalil ‘Oleyyan, from Bethlehem, six months.
  19. Bushra Jamal Tawil, from Ramallah, six months.
  20. Qassam Majd Barghouthi, from Ramallah, six months.
  21. Shadi Mohammad al-Hreimi, from Hebron, three months.
  22. Ra’fat Na’im Abu ‘Aker, from Bethlehem, six months.
  23. Eyad Hosni Bzeigh, from Ramallah, six months.
  24. Ribhi Sa’id al-Ashqar, from Ramallah, six months.