Palestinian fishing boats and Israeli navy (archive image)

Israeli naval troops opened fire at Palestinian fishermen who were fishing in small boats near the coast of southern Gaza on Friday.

According to local sources, Israeli occupation navy boats targeted fishermen’s boats in the Khan Younis sea in the southern Gaza Strip, chasing the small boats with their enormous naval vessel and opening fire.

No injuries were reported, but the targeted fishermen were forced to speed back to shore to avoid being killed.

Although the Israeli military forces which occupy all of Palestine have agreed to allow Palestinian fishermen to conduct their fishing up to six nautical miles off the coast of Gaza, the Israeli navy patrols the water and frequently attacks fishermen who are well within the six mile limit.

This attack comes in the midst of several days of increased Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians. In the first half of April alone, 17 Palestinians have been killed, including two children, by Israeli soldiers, and two Israelis have been killed by Palestinian gunmen.


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