Illegal Israeli colonizers and soldiers attacked Friday, many Palestinians in Susiya village, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and injured two Palestinians, including one child.

The colonizers were shouting insults at the residents in the village and tried to break into their homes, causing damage.

They also hurled stones at the Palestinians wounding one man, identified as Mahmoud Salem al-Haddar, who suffered a moderate head injury.

The wounded man was rushed to Yatta governmental hospital where he received the needed treatment.

During the attack, the colonizers also assaulted a child, causing mild wounds.

In addition, the colonizers attacked many Palestinians while they were planting their lands in the Wad ar-Rakhim area in Susiya village and fired many live rounds at Palestinian homes and structures.

The lands are located between the Susiya village and the illegal Susya colony which was built on stolen Palestinian lands in Yatta city.

The illegal colonizers attacked the Palestinians in front of Israeli soldiers who stood and watched, allowing them to continue the assault.

The Palestinians remain on high alert in the village and surrounding areas as large groups of illegal colonizers remain gathered there.

Susiya, inhabited by more than five hundred Palestinians, has been subject to constant violations by the soldiers and the colonizers, for many years, especially after the illegal Susya colony was established on large areas of its stolen lands.

In the year 1986, most of the residents were displaced and their lands were illegally annexed after Israel established what it dubbed as “National Garden and a Park” for the illegal colonizers, and completely off-limits to the indigenous Palestinians.

In related news, a large group of illegal Israeli colonists attacked, Friday, the town of Teqoua’, east of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank before the soldiers invaded the town and abducted one Palestinian.