Hundreds of Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday at dawn, Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, Beit Ummar, Doura and the al-Arroub refugee camp, searched dozens of homes and kidnapped six Palestinians.

Media sources in Hebron city said the soldiers invaded Jabal Johar area and the Salaima neighborhood, before storming and violently searching homes.

Owners of some of the invaded homes have been identified as Hammouda Jaber, Faisal Rajabi, Rawhi al-Atrash, Anas Rajabi, Ammar Rajabi, Ahmad Rajabi, Hamza Shanna and Abu Eyad Abu Hussein.

The soldiers said they located and confiscated a homemade weapon, some magazines and combat tools in addition to several knives in Jabal Johar, before kidnapped Abdul-Rahma Abdul-Qader Sabah.

In Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, the soldiers kidnapped three Palestinians during an extensive search campaign targeting many homes and property in the al-Bayyada and ‘Aseeda areas, in addition to the neighborhoods of Bahar and ath-Thaher.

The kidnapped have been identified as Mohammad Ahmad Ekhlayyel, 27, Mohammad Issa Bahar, 17, and Mohannad Zoheir Al-Allami, 18; all are former political prisoners.

The soldiers also summoned Fadi Mohammad Ja’ar, 16, for interrogation in the Etzion military base and security center.

In addition, the soldiers invaded the al-Arroub refugee camp, and kidnapped Mohammad Yousef Jawabra, while Ali Mohammad Amro was kidnapped from his home in Doura town, south of Hebron.