Israeli soldiers invaded, late at night, the Mothallath ash-Shuhada village, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, kidnapped two Palestinians, and occupied an under-construction home in a nearby town, before using it as a military post.

Media sources in Jenin said the soldiers invaded and searched several homes, and kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Mujahid Khaled Ghawadra and Ahmad Aqhash Ghawadra. The two were heading back home from work.

In addition, several army vehicles invaded Ya’bad town, south of Jenin, before occupying an under construction home, belonging to resident Tawfiq Shaker Badarna, and used the property as a military post.

The soldiers also invaded Burqin village, west of Jenin, searched several homes and interrogated a number of Palestinians.

On Monday at dawn, the army invaded Shu’fat refugee camp, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, killed one Palestinian and seriously wounded another.

Also at dawn, the soldiers invaded Shoufa village, southeast of Tulkarem, in the northern part of the West Bank, and completely isolated it.