The Central Elections Commission (CEC) said, on Wednesday, that local elections planned for October 8 cannot be held as scheduled, after the Supreme Court of Justice postponed hearings on holding the elections to October 3.

The court ruled, on September 8, to temporarily halt all activities related to holding local election citing problems with holding them in Jerusalem and Gaza.

The CEC said in a press release, according to WAFA, that it will continue to freeze all activities pertaining to the elections until a decision on the case is taken.

It said that as a result of the court decision on Wednesday, the original date set by the government for the elections can no longer be feasible.

Fareed Tamallah, spokesman of the CEC, said the postponement of the court hearing was because the court needs to hear views from various parties on the elections.

Minister of Local Government, Hussein al-Araj, said the ministry will uphold the court’s decision, adding that existing municipal councils will continue to function until the court decides otherwise on the elections.