Over 100 pro-Palestinian law students from Harvard University, today, walked out of a lecture held by Dani Dayan, current Consul General of Israel in New York, at the Harvard Law School.

A video posted online, by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee (Harvard PSC), shows students participating in the silent walk-out of the event and holding signs reading, “Settlements Are A War Crime,” moments after Dayan began his speech, leaving the latter speaking to mostly empty seats.

The students joined forces with the protest organized by the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, outside Austin Hall.

Dayan is a vocal advocate for the illegal expansion of Israeli settlements into Palestinian territory. In a 2012 op-ed in the New York Times, he wrote that the international community should abandon its vain attempts at the two-state solution and accept the Israeli presence in the West Bank as “an irreversible fact.” Israeli settlements are blatant violations of international law, and the Israeli settler movement is a violent project of settler-colonialism in occupied Palestine.

Activists online strongly criticized Harvard’s invitation to the Israeli Counselor to deliver a speech at a time the Israeli warplanes aggressively targeted civilian areas in the Gaza Strip.

(photo: Langdell Library, Harvard Law School, Everett15, Wikipedia)

Human Interest 11/15/19 Harvard Students Walk Out en Masse on Israeli Consul General (Video Link)