The Palestine-India Techno Park (PTP) has participated in the Thirty-fourth World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation in Istanbul. The Park became a full-time member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), a leading global network for science parks and areas of innovation.

Chair of the Board of Directors and President of Birzeit University Abdellatif Abuhijleh, Chief Executive of the Palestine-India Techno Park Laith Kassis, and PTP board member Alaa Alaa Eddin attended the conference, according to the PNN.

As a part of the conference, the participants took part in a specialized training that tackled issues on the design, creation, and management of science and technology parks. The training aimed to deepen their understanding of science parks and other areas of innovation.

The training introduced the participants to the importance of linking site location with innovation and creativity, encouraging innovation, preserving of the right to property.

Abuhijleh pointed to the importance of such conferences. “This is a platform for accumulating knowledge, gaining experience, and sharing it all in a professional atmosphere. We need to focus on learning how other countries manage and govern their technology parks, such as understanding the role of the private sector in empowering and developing the work of the parks.”

Abuhijleh stressed the fact that there is a need to provide such projects the funding needed to conduct research, network with markets, and build concrete systems that support entrepreneurship, in cooperation with local institutions, partners from the private sector, and higher-education institutions, in addition to funders, researchers, and students.

Alaa Eddin said that this participation was vital to strengthen the bilateral relationships between Palestine and different countries in the world, and attract new investments:”We were able, during this conference, to connect with various international programs from all around the world to exchange knowledge and encourage investment.” He also focused on the important role that Palestinians in the diaspora can play through their investments in the Palestinian technology sector, as they have a rich and extensive international experience in this sector.

The Palestine-India Techno Park will soon begin to connect with Palestinian academics and Institutions from the private and public sectors, in addition to non-governmental organizations, to launch new projects that benefit the national economy and attract new foreign investments in the fields of technology and knowledge production.

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