The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) has reported that the health condition of Palestinian detainee Hasan Ewaiwi has become severely critical.

Ewaiwi, 35, a the father of three children, has been on hunger strike for 56 days to protest being placed under ‘administrative detention’ by Israeli authorities.

The PPS said that Ewaiwi was transferred to Kaplan Medical Center (KMC) in Israel, where he has been hospitalized and his condition deemed critical.

The detainee has been imprisoned since January 15, 2019. He also previously spent years in Israeli detention.

Administrative detention is a common practice in Israel for Palestinians arrested by the Israeli occupying military forces.

Palestinians placed under administrative detention have not been charged with a crime, and do not receive a trial.

It is important to note that three additional prisoners are continuing their hunger strikes expressing their objection to Israel’s use of administrative detention. The prisoners are Tha’er Bader, Bassam Abu ‘Aker, and Ahmad al-Hroub.