Palestinian medical sources have reported, on Saturday evening, that a teenage boy from a village near Tubas, in the northeastern West Bank, was killed after an Israeli explosive, dropped by the soldiers during one of their frequent military drills, detonated beneath him.

The sources said the teen has been identified as Odai Aziz Khalil Nawaj’a, 17, from Tubas, and added that he suffered serious injuries, and died from his wounds at the Turkish Hospital, in Tubas.

Eyewitnesses said Nawaj’a was standing in the shade of a tree when apparently stepped on the explosive or moved it, and suffered life-threatening injuries that led to his death.

Nawaj’a was from Khirbit Ebzeeq village, a small Palestinian community that is frequently targeted by the Israeli army, especially since the soldiers repeatedly conduct live fire training, which also includes explosives.

There are approximately forty families in Khirbet Ebzeeq; they were displaced from historic Palestine in 1948, and fled to the West Bank.

They are shepherds and farmers, and although their village is in the occupied West Bank, Israel does not recognize it, therefore, it has no infrastructure or any services, including healthcare and running water.

The village is one of many communities in the occupied West Bank, where hundreds of Palestinians, mainly shepherds, have been killed by landmines and explosives dropped by the army, in addition to hundreds of injuries that led to permanent disabilities, since Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967.

On April 25th, 2017, two Palestinian children, from a Bedouin community in the Negev, were killed after an explosive object detonated near them. The unexploded ordnance was apparently dropped by Israeli soldiers during a previous live fire training, in Zarnouk village, in the Negev.

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