Updated: Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday at dawn, at least twenty-three Palestinians and injured two, in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources in Ramallah, in the central part of occupied West Bank, said the soldiers abducted Sameh Ahmad Amin Tamimi, Moath Ahmad Hussin Tamimi, Amin Ahmad Amin Tamimi, Baker Abdul-Khaleq Tamimi, Jihad Mohammad Hussin Tamimi, Mohammad Younis Tamimi, Hussin Abdul-Halim Tamimi, Hussein Abdul-Halim Tamimi, and Rami Yahia Tamimi, after invading their homes and ransacking them, in Deir Nitham village, northwest of Ramallah city.

They added that the soldiers detonated the front doors of the invaded homes, before breaking into them and ransacking them, and confiscated more than twenty mobile phones.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded several towns in the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, searched many homes, and abducted Nour Hatem Qfeisha, 25, Soheib Fares Za’aqeeq, 21, from Beit Ummar town, in addition to former political prisoner Walid al-Mizyin, 39, from the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, and Jihad Mahmoud Obeid, 41, along with his son, Mahmoud, 22, from Yatta town.

In Tubas, in the northeastern West Bank, the soldiers invaded the al-Far’a refugee camp, south of the city, leading to protests, before shooting a young man with live rounds in the lower extremities.

The soldiers also abducted a young man in the refugee camp, identified as Obai Nabil al-Amir, 21, after invading his home and ransacking it.

Also at dawn, the soldiers invaded an area near Balata refugee camp, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and killed a young man, identified as Bakeer Mohammad Hashash, 23.

Names of the abducted Palestinians at dawn:

  1. Mohammad Salama, Balata al-Balad, Nablus.
  2. Walid al-Mizyin, Al-Arroub refugee camp, Hebron.
  3. Nour Hatem Qfeisha, Hebron.
  4. Hadi Abu al-Ezz, Jenin.
  5. Sameh Ahmad Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  6. Moath Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  7. Amin Ahmad Hussein Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  8. Bakr Abdul-Khaled Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  9. Jihad Mohammad Hussein Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  10. Mahmoud Younes Mahmoud Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  11. Hasan Abdul-Hamid Hasan Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  12. Rami Yahia Hasan Tamimi, Deir Nitham – Ramallah.
  13. Assem Fawzi Fayez Hasan, Qusra – Nablus.
  14. No’man Abdul-Hamid Hasan, Qusra – Nablus.
  15. Bara’ No’man Hasan, Qusra – Nablus.
  16. Mahmoud Abdul-Rahman Abu Reeda, 70, Qusra – Nablus.
  17. Assem Fawzi Hasan, Qusra – Nablus.
  18. Jihad Hasan Tamimi, Balata al-Balad – Nablus.
  19. Odah Ahmad Askar, Hizma – Jerusalem.
  20. Soheib ash-Shiqdam, Beit Ummar – Hebron.
  21. Ubai al-Amir, al-Far’a refugee camp – Tubas.
  22. Sa’id Shilbaya, al-Am’ari refugee camp – Ramallah.
  23. Daoud Habboub, al-Am’ari refugee camp – Ramallah.
First Published on: Jan 6, 2022, at 09:16