The Palestinian Detainees Committee has reported, Tuesday, that an Israeli court issued arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial, against two Palestinian teenage boys, from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and added that one of them spent the last six months under similar orders and was supposed to be released in two days.

In a press release, the Committee stated that Nidal Amer, 17, was supposed to be released within two days, after serving a six-month Administrative Detention order, but was informed that another order was has been issued, extending his detention without charges for additional six months.

It added that the second detainee, Hafeth Zyoud, 17, was abducted last month, and was slapped with a four-month Administrative Detention order.

Both detained teens are imprisoned at Majeddo Israeli prison and are denied basic rights in addition to facing bad living conditions.

In its statement, the Committee stated that Israel’s use of the illegal Administrative Detention is a serious violation of the detainees’ rights, especially since they do not face charges, and neither them nor their lawyers can know why they are being held or have access to their files.

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It also said that Israel is currently holding captive 500 detainees under these illegal arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, including six who are holding hunger strikes.

Three of the detainees are women, identified as Shorouq al-Badan and Alaa’ al-Basheer, in addition to Hiba al-Lubbadi who was recently slapped with an Administrative Detention order for five months and is facing very difficult condition in the al-Jalama prison.

The Committee called for an immediate and serious action against Israel’s ongoing and escalating violations against the Palestinian detainees, especially those arbitrarily held for extended periods without charges or trial, in direct violation of International Law and various related human rights treaties.