Iran rejected on Sunday UN International Atomic Energy Agency resolution that it should freeze uranium enrichment, warning that if the case is sent to the UN Security Council, Iran will ban snap checks of its atomic facilities.

according Reuters, the International Atomic Energy Agency decided Saturday to demand from Iran to immediately freeze all of its uranium enrichment programs, allow IAEA free access to its nuclear facilities, and provide the UN nuclear watch dog with all requested information by November 25th .

Against Washington ‘s wish, the resolution stood shortage of sending the Iranian nuclear program file to the UN Security Council.

The Iranian representative Husein Mosbian said that his government will soon decide on how to deal with the new IAEA demand.

Yet, the head of the Iranian atomic energy agency Hassan Rohani rejected the UN watch dog demand.

“ Iran will not accept any obligation regarding the suspension of uranium enrichment,’ chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani told a news conference. “No international body can force Iran to do so.” He added.

“If they want to send Iran to the Security Council, it is not wise, and we will stop implementing the Additional Protocol,’ Rohani said.

The Additional Protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty allows snap nuclear checks. Iran is implementing its terms although parliament has not ratified it.