Thousands of Palestinians protested on Sunday in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem against calls by extremist Jewish groups to attack the mosque, Revava extremist group renewed its call to attack the mosque after their failed Sunday attempt.

The Israeli police arrested early Sunday nine members of the Revava movement which planned to attack the mosque, including Yisrael Cohen, movement leader, who was questioned by the police on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

Also, the police barred entry to four right-wing legislators, Uri Ariel and Aryeh Eldad of the National Union, and Yehiel Hazan and Michael Ratzon of the Likud.

Twelve Palestinian youth were injured during clashes which erupted between the youth and the Israeli police and soldiers in the old city of Jerusalem after the army barred the youth from reaching the mosque; one Israeli policeman was also injured.

The Israeli police deployed 2.500 policemen in and around the walls of Jerusalem in an attempt to bar members of the extremist Revava to reach the mosque and carry out their planned attack.

Witnesses said the Hamas leader, Hassan Yousef, was driving back to the West Bank from Jerusalem when he was stopped at an Israeli checkpoint and taken from his vehicle by police.

Also, the police detained Hasan Yousef, one of Hamas leaders, while he was driving back to the West Bank from Jerusalem after conducting prayers at the mosque.

The army said that Yousef did not have a permit to enter Jerusalem.

Yousef is one of the main political leaders of Hamas, and favors moving the movement towards the political track.