The Israeli army plans to build roads parallel to the existing main roads used by Israeli traffic in the Gaza Strip, prior to the implementation of the disengagement, Israeli sources reported on Thursday.

The source said, the new roads will be used by the army and the police during the pullout operations.

A major difficulty, as described by the army is that there are three routes that lead to settlements. These routes are relatively narrow and might be overcrowded with police and military, in addition to military vehicles and bulldozers during the evacuation. At the same time, the settlers and their supporters may try to block traffic and hold up the entire process.

The new roads will not be paved; they will be dirt roads and will run parallel to the existing roads. The army claims the new roads will be at a distance of several dozen meters on either side of the routes.

The army has cleared the areas the new routes will be built on, few years ago. They bulldozed houses and agricultural land existed in this area.

Fences have been already erected at a distance of several dozen meters along both sides of the Kissufim-Gush Katif road.

Apparently, Israel is trying to facilitate the pullout from Gaza taking into consideration troubles that could be caused by the settlers. The Army has already informed the media that they will not be allowed to move freely during the pullout. The army will provide special busses equipped with communication devices.