Israel’s chief rabbis, Yonah Metzger and Shlomo Amar, said Sunday they are against the disengagement plan, but also said that soldiers must obey orders to evacuate settlements.

Several rabbis have called for soldiers to refuse evacuation orders. 

In an interview with Israeli TV Channel 2, the chief rabbis said that soldiers must not refuse evacuation orders. 


‘The rabbis need to explain their words in such a way that believers do not take from them what it is forbidden to take. All in all, Israel’s rabbis – almost one hundred percent, with exceptions here and there – understand the responsibility they possess.’ Rabbi Metzger said.

‘What Jew is in favor? Nobody can be for it, but there is a bald reality, after a decision by the government and Knesset the law is set. The law binds us all.’ Rabbi Metzger said in response to a question whether he opposes the disengagement plan.

‘There is not a day that I do not pray the Holy One, blessed be He, will work miracles and not require the Land of Israel to be divided again. We will strive that there will not be disengagement or this uprooting, but if this thing comes from the Lord, we will accept it in silence.’ Rabbi Amar said.