Settlers of the Abraham Abino settlement outpost in Hebron damaged a wall of a store in Hakoret al-Kayyal area in the old city and set it on fire.

Imad Hamdan, assistant director of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee said that the attacked store is one of twenty stores which were closed by the Israeli army in the area since the beginning of al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000.   
The military orders also forced dozens of stores to shut down in al-Sihla area, the Ibharimi mosque area and several stores around it. 
Hamdan added that setters of Avarama Abino outpost leveled, four years ago, a wall of one of the homes in the area, and placed explosives in dozens of stores causing considerable damage.
Over the last few months, settlers intensified their attacks against the Palestinian homes, residents, and properties in Hebron area, especially in the old city.
Also, settlers conducted repeated attacks against villages around Hebron, and forced them out of their farmlands, while the army failed to act against the continuous assaults against the residents and their properties.