Translated and edited by Saed Bannoura, IMEMC

Residents of Tulkarem refugee camp live a life filled with daily fears, while the non-stop military invasions by the Israeli soldiers and their “death squads” which attack the camp under-cover continue and add to the smell of death and destruction in the camp.

The under-cover units usually attack the Palestinian homes at night and conduct random arrests among the residents after attacking them and damaging their homes and properties.

Even the Israeli media call the under-cover military units in the Israeli army as the “death squads”, and are referred to as the Special Units; these units are the sward of death which could at any moment drop down taking with it another life to be added to its “record of accomplishments”.

Mohammad Fadel, a resident of Tulkarem refugee camp, said that when the under-cover units fire at the home of the camp, they plant fear among the residents, especially children who are the most affected by these attacks, especially at the physiological level.

Children are having learning problems, as a result of the lack of concentration and fear with controls them; they are living a daily series filled with fear and horror starred by a group of soldiers attacking the camp.

The streets of the camp are like a battle field, everyday after the army leaves the camp, the residents start to count their losses, either in lives of properties, and collect the bullets which penetrated the walls, windows and doors of the camp.

The main street of the camp, which cuts through its center, is the main whiteness of the military attacks; broken windows, exploded doors of shops or homes and street exhausted by military vehicles and shells.

The infrastructure is totally destroyed, streets, walls, and electricity suppliers, everything they owned, everything they try to build is wiped out and replaced by marks of bulldozers and shells, while the economical situation sinks under the shadow of destruction and the increasing rates of unemployment.

The refugees remain there, displaced again and cut off their sources of livelihood as a result of the continuous invasions, closure and siege which strangles them and deprives them from their right to work in order to support their families.