Benjamin Netanyahu started his election campaign to lead the Likud and regain the premiership by calling to build a new settlement in the West Bank.

The area is called E-1, located between East Jerusalem and the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.

If built, the settlement will completely disconnect the north of the West Bank from its south.

Israel has already announced plans to build a police station within the E1 zone, in a plan to move the existing station from Jerusalem.

Netanyahu is planning to visit the area, which he claims it will determine whether the Israelis or the Palestinians will control the eastern heights adjacent to the holy city, Israel Radio said.

Apparently, this way is meant to challenge Sharon, whose last deed was to dismantle the Gaza Strip settlements and four small ones in the northern West Bank.  Sharon has been known of his history of building settlements, especially when he was occupying the Ministry of Housing.

Responding to Netanyahu’s Tuesday declaration, the office of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s office said that Netanyahu ‘continues to spread lies and fantasies.’

According to the PMO, ‘He [Netanyahu] forgot that he received a strong party and left one with 19 mandates and a huge debt. It is difficult to address each of his lies specifically. He has proven that he is the leader of the extreme right, of the Feiglins.’

Netanyahu’s war with Sharon might end up splitting the Likud party which might give a chance for the current defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to become the new prime Minister of Israel, local observers believe.