After the attack by the resistance on Gush Etzion and Eli settlements in which three settlers were killed, Israel as usual, turned the place upside down. The only thing I could think of was to make a silly comparison with the Palestinian scene even though comparisons are not appropriate in such things. However, it could be of benefit in one way or another.
The first thing Israel did immediately after the incident was to impose a closure on the Bethlehem and Hebron areas. Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz then announced new procedures, imposing closure restricting the movement of Palestinians between West Bank cities.
No one mentioned, even in passing, the ‘almost simultaneous’ assassination of one the resistance leaders in Jenin by the Israeli army. As for us, we did not impose closure, nor could we impose restrictions on the movement of Jews between cities. 
The second step Israel took was to halt contacts with the Palestinian Authority. Only yesterday, Palestinian negotiators met with them in fresh bid to hold a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Now, no contacts, until further notice.
Mofaz even went as far as calling on President Abbas to cut his world visit short and return to the country in order to take control of what he described as ‘the deteriorating’ situation – this was Israel’s third step. As for us, our agenda is long – after Cairo, off to the Elysee, the Vatican, Madrid and the White House. We cannot cut that short.
In response to the killing of three of their own, the settlers of Gush Etzion called for an urgent meeting with Shaul Mofaz. As for us, over 3,000 of our people have been killed and we never once thought of calling a meeting with our president or even one of our ministers over the issue.
Let us look at our reality today and  put this comparison aside for a moment because it really is silly.  Yesterday, we signed a covenant of honor among the resistance factions even if until now, it hasn’t been respected. We are still fighting.
We also signed yesterday another covenant of honor among the factions to respect the results of the upcoming legislative elections – the Islamic Jihad and Hamas boycotted.
If we move away from the official scene and think a bit about the average citizen on the street, what was the response to this race to the shops to buy supplies? This followed rumors – spread by the people themselves – of impending incursions and curfew, all in order to have more vacations. What a place, with so many official holidays and days off!
When we think about the state we are in now, which has become so fragmented, for a moment we are surprised that we have been able to steadfast all of these years in the face of the Israeli occupation. However, the truth is as clear as daylight, which is that we have reached a very unenviable stage; internally we are shattered and disconnected and the only beneficiary is Israel.