Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Mohammad Dahlan said on Tuesday, that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, did not issue a decree canceling the Fateh primaries, and demanded a probe into the violence which erupted in Gaza.

Dahlan stated that he rejects appointing candidates to the legislative elections adding that the candidates will be elected by Fateh members. 
Speaking to reporters in Gaza, Dahlan said that nobody has an in interest in canceling the primaries.
“Some mistakes happened, but this does not justify voiding the elections”, Dahlan stated, “No one is interested in canceling them, the mistakes could be avoided in the future, this is the first election procedure in Fateh since it was established”.  
Dahlan demanded Abbas to form an investigation committee into the violent clashes which took place yesterday in the Gaza Strip.
“Appointing Fateh leadership is not the solution, the Central Committee was assigned to monitor the elections, and it is to be held responsible”, he added, “Those who made the mistakes should be held responsible, and not the members of the movement”. 
It is worth mentioning that voting was halted in northern Gaza and Gaza City, after gunmen angered by allegations of gerrymandering took over polling stations, and fired in the air.
Several ballot boxes were set on fire, and lists of candidates were ripped.