Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, said on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority is facing sever crises while Hamas is gaining more power and strength, adding that recent split in Fateh movement could lead to a call to postpone or even cancel the January 2006 elections.

Mofaz added that the escalation in recent military operations carried out by the Palestinian resistance is a direct outcome of the powerlessness of the P.A. 
On Saturday, internal talks between veteran Fateh members and the young guard of Fateh movement failed to bring about unity between the two sides; Fateh members blame the young guard of the movement for its recent failure in local elections.
Meanwhile, Mofaz claimed that Israel received 43 intelligence tips regarding intentions of Palestinian armed groups to carry attacks against Israeli targets, including attacks in Israel. 
He added that the Israeli army arrested 70 members of the resistance in the West Bank lately, especially in the north. 
Mofaz also said that the army renewed its targeted killings policy and imposed a strict closure over the Palestinian territories.
On Sunday, Palestinian source reported that senior Fateh officials are pressuring the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, in order to delay the legislative elections, scheduled for January 2006, especially after the movement suffered internal divisions.  
Azzam Al Ahmad, one of senior Fateh members, said that the elections should be postponed because the peace process had reached a dead-end, and because of anarchy in the movement. 
Also, Palestinian officials said that if the difficulties in uniting the movement continue, Abbas will consider delaying the elections. 
Several Fateh members threatened to resign Saturday, after a failed attempt to unite the two Fateh lists. 
Qaddoura Fares, former P.A minister and a supporter of the jailed legislator, Marwan Barghouthi, said that it is up to Fateh members to vote for one or two Fateh lists.   
A P.A source reported on Sunday that the renewed U.S pressure regarding the participation of Hamas in the elections may have an influence on Abbas’s decision to delay them.
After the overwhelming victory of Hamas, supporters of Barghouthi started showing signs of flexibility and are prepared to attempt to merge Fateh lists.