Family of detainee Sami Ismail Al Fawaghrah, 42, from Bethlehem, voiced an appeal to local and international human rights organizations to save the life of their detained son, who is suffering high blood-pressure and diabetes, and is not receiving any medical treatment.

Al Fawaghrah lost consciousness several times in detention after suffering high blood-pressure, while prison administration in Ofer detention facility is still rejecting to hospitalize him in order to conducted the needed tests and receive medication, and instead, he is only receiving painkiller pills and "advised to drink water".
The Palestinian Prisoners Society, PPS, held the Israeli Prison Authorities responsible for any further deterioration in the health condition of Al Fawaghrah, and demanded it to provide him with the needed medication.
The condition of Al Fawaghrah needs continuous follow-up, repeated medical tests, the PPS said that if Israel does not provide him with the needed treatment and medication, which is a direct violation of the rights of the detainees, and the international law, it should release him in order to allow him receive the needed treatment elsewhere.
Al Fawaghrah was arrested three years ago, and was sentenced to five years after he was "indicted" of resisting the occupation and membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.