At least 18 army vehicles invaded the northwestern West Bank city of Tulkarem after midnight, Palestinian sources reported.

Thursday’s early morning invasion targeted Hamas operatives and supporters.
Hamas is expected to win a major number of seats in the upcoming Palestinian Legislative Council elections.
Ma’an Independent News Agency reported that Israeli forces used trained dogs in the attack arresting 12 Palestinians, including Raad Quzah 35, Yusef Quzah, Qssab Ziqut 28, Samir Ganem 26, Ra’fat Abu Shreefe 26, Muhand Salah Al Deam 26, Rushdi Giushi 35, and Imad Bder 28 years old.
This is part of a major Israeli campaign against Hamas leading up to 25 January PLC elections.
Israel has earlier threatened to prevent the elections from taking place if Hamas will be in this process.
On the other hand, the US and the EU have threatened to stop all their funding efforts, to the Palestinian Authority if the Hamas party sweeps the elections.
There 25 Palestinians arrested early Thursday in different parts of the West Bank.