The Israeli Occupation Forces have called this a "Summer Shower" of their re-occupation (as if they ever left) of Gaza. While I’m hearing this, I feel like I’m watching my local meterologist here in Tucson, Arizona, Chuck George describe what is happening.

I can visualize Destry Jetton and Guy Achley the co-anchors of the morning local news giving a lead-in to this section of insanity.

Destry: Well Guy, it seems that the winds are really starting to pick up in Raffah, Gaza City and other parts of the Strip today.

Guy: Yes indeed, Destry. Storms clouds have been massing along the border of Gaza and they seem to be threatening. Chuck can you tell us how it’s looking out there?

Chuck: Well, Guy, these showers have brought a low pressure system over the entire Gaza Strip for this tropical storm; knocking out power grids, leaving many in Gaza City in the dark. In addition, this on-shore flow has now disabled the water supply, requiring residents to line up for drinkable water in various areas.

Heavy rains of missiles and sonic blasts have been happening since Tuesday and are expected to continue throughout the week, and possibly into the foreseeable future.

Now, I should say that although there have been no reports of death due to this current storm, a number of arrests have occurred, in particular in the governmental area.

So, what’s in store for the rest of the week? Well, we just don’t know. It seems that "Israel", by the way that is what we’re calling this tropical depression, has settled over the whole of Gaza and doesn’t appear to be moving away anytime soon.

So, let’s look at the rest of the week’s forecast; the forecast calls for more of the same; shelling, arrests of government officials, collective punishment of Palestinians as a whole, and the complete silence of the U.S. and the rest of West.

Destry and Guy, back to you.

Destry: Thanks Chuck. Seems like a lot is going on there in Gaza.

Chuck: Yes there is and too bad that you’re not there with you’re camera, you could get some really good shots of UN human rights violations going on.

Guy: Thanks again, Chuck. Now to other news, it seems that a small orange tabby cat named Snowball got trapped in a sewer. Firefighters and police took nearly four hours just to rescue the cute feline who had wandered from home.

Destry: Oh that’s so sad.

Guy: Yes it is, but at least Snowball is safe now.