Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the Knesset House Committee
is expected on Wednesday to approve a request by the Israeli President,
Moshe Katsav, to go on a 16-hour leave of absence due to "temporary

Katsav's  leave of absence would mean that Knesset spokeswoman, Dalia Itzik, would take Katsav's place on Thursday at  the swearing-in ceremony for Israeli High court president, Justice Dorit Beinisch.

Haaretz added that sources at the Knesset said that there is not doubt the leave of obscene will be approved, and that preparations are underway for the ceremony that will begin at 16:30 in the presence of of the Israeli High Court justices and 150 guests.

Also, Haaretz said that Knesset House Committee chair, Ruhama Avraham, member of Kadima party, returned from abroad recently to chair the proceedings, and will open the meeting by reading aloud a letter from Katsav.

In his letter, Katsav wrote that it is not preferable that he installs the next presidents of the Israeli High Court of Justice, “I want to avoid all conflicts”, he states in his letter.

The Israeli police are to question Katsav on Wednesday for the fifth time on suspicion of sexually assaulting his former secretary, and an undisclosed number of other women, Haaretz reported.